Two Post Automotive Lift

The articles of this type are created to educate those looking for an automotive lift. The number of manufactures and importers of this equipment is enormous and the process of selecting a lift may be difficult and tedious. Buyers are often confused by sellers and their claims and sometimes equipment may not meet buyers’ specifications or the official requirements. With the help of short informative articles you will be able to buy the best type of this equipment that will meet your needs.

Top leading companies offer variety of hydraulic and mechanical elevators and many companies specialize in different types of car lifts, such as mobile column lifts, parallelogram lifts, scissor lifts, etc.

Last named is the theme of our talk today. Whether you are looking for two post automotive lifts for your repair shop, or you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast, you can easily find an automotive lift to fit your individual needs.

As any auto lift a two post automotive lift is designed to raise cars for quick and easy access to the underside of the vehicle. This type of equipment is usually mounted to an existing concrete surface. A two post automotive lift consists of two posts (upright columns) with four arms attached to a carriage assembly. It also has two hydraulic cylinders, a hydraulic/electric power unit, and various hoses and cables. This equipment is made of steel and aluminum and it is very strong and safe. Two post above ground lifts were designed for places where it is impossible to install in-ground lifts, for example, for service centers built over rock. As a rule all two post lifts have automatic safety arm locks designed to secure the lift arms.

The main features of two post lifts are: they allow working with open doors; you have access from roof to down equipment; they can lift cars both symmetrically and asymmetrically; they take little space and leave floor empty; and they are as safe as four post lifts.

These days having a vehicle is not a surprise. For some people it is just a transport vehicle, for some guys it is an entertainment, and for some people it is even a luxury. Whatever the reasons of purchasing a car can be, the quantity of vehicles constantly get increasing, so the need in car repair services also gains in demand. Sometimes to repair a car it is needed to lift it – and one of the best ways to do that is 2 post lift.

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