Top Windshield Washer Fluid Product Test

I’ve recently had the chance to research several top brand windshield washer fluids and felt that the results may be helpful to those in the automotive industry or anyone who may want to learn about a great product from a consumer’s perspective.

I was asked by a friend in the automotive industry to help him find a top product that he could add to his lineup. During the process of researching many products, I found some really great low-cost options that fit his business needs quite well. I also ran across a product that I had used in the past but hadn’t seen in quite a while.

The product was a variation of a Rain-X product that I had tried many years ago but this one did a lot more that the product that I remembered. The last time that I had tried a Rain-X product, I remembered being amazed at the way it repelled water from my windshield. This time around, I was even more impressed.

The first Rain-X product that I used required that it be wiped on by hand and buffed off which was probably why I had never gotten around to getting more of it. We love our vehicles , but I am far too lazy to spend that kind of time on the insignificant stuff. These days , it seems that this is not the problem. Today’s Rain-X products work just like any normal washer fluid in that you simply put the product into the vehicle and let it do its magic.

I also noticed that waterproofing glass is no longer the only thing that Rain-X products specialize in. Rain-X now proudly claims that it can handle all of the following windshield cleaning issues:

  • Superior windshield cleaning
  • Water repellent
  • Ice and frost prevention
  • Ice and frost removal
  • Bug removal
  • Faster de-fogging

When I read all of this, I thought, “Wow!” Does this stuff really do all that? And if it does, can it handle it all properly? If it can, why isn’t everyone using it?

Well, I can’t attest to why anyone else may not be using it but I can definitely say that it works! In fact, I’d say it works great. It does everything that it claims it would and I was truly impressed.

The way that it takes care of ice and frost seems like it would be a must for anyone who lives in cold weather on a regular basis. The fact that it cleans well and keeps the bugs from sticking is just an added bonus in my opinion. The thing that really grabs my attention though, is the same thing that always did; the water repellent! It doesn’t sound all that incredible but seeing it in action always strikes me as somewhat amazing . I can literally drive down the interstate at 70 miles per hour in the pouring rain and turn of my wipers completely! The water just beads up and rolls away . The visibility is amazing!

So I had to conclude that even though there are literally hundreds of windshield fluid products on the internet, I cannot imagine why anyone would not choose this one. Search the local stores or the online marketplace for Rain-X products that handle the criteria above that apply to you and try them out. I know that you’ll be impressed with the quality of these products.

Yes I know that it is only windshield washer fluid so there’s little reason to jump for joy people but if you need these features, it’s certainly nice to know they are there and they work. In case you are wondering, no, I don’t work for Rain-X. I just tried several quality windshield cleaners and found one that in my opinion is a clear winner .

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