Add Years To Your Aging Family Car

These days, many of us are trying to stretch our dollars and make our hard-earned posessions last longer than usual. In tight economic times, it’s often the little things that mean the difference between maintaining what we already have or being forced to lay out a ton of money for a replacement.

Your automobile is a case in point. With a few simple maintenance items, you can keep your car running right for longer than you otherwise might. Save money and feel the satisfaction of doing something right by following these tips that should help you add years to the life of an old car.

Here are some suggestions for adding years to the useful life of your car:

Restore the headlights

Modern cars use plastic headlight lenses. These are great because they’re inexpensive to produce, they can be molded into many shapes without the additional expense needed by glass manufacturers, and they’re modular which means they’re simple to replace.

The only problem is: they get yellowed, dim, opaque, and cloudy. As your headlights age, the lamps probably burn just as brightly as ever. But the lenses get cloudy and reduce your headlight performance. You don’t want to drive around on a rainy night with dim headlamps on your car; that’s a recipe for disaster.

But it’s not a big deal because you can fix your scratched, cloudy headlight lenses for less than $20. Get a 3M Lens Renewal Kit and in less than 2 hours your headlamps will shine like new again. A good headlamp restoration kit not only helps you turn your old, yellowed lenses back into crystal-clear factory condition, but it helps you maintain them too, so they’ll be worry free (and bright) for years to come.

Keep the tires properly inflated and balanced

When your tires are not maintained properly, your car (and your wallet) suffers.

Make sure to maintain the proper tire pressure. Under inflation means poor fuel economy and reduced tire life. Over inflation affects the ‘ride’ of your car and can lead to expensive alignment problems down the road.

It only takes a bit of time at the gas station to put some air in your tires, so don’t neglect this often overlooked but important step.

Wash and wax

Old cars look ugly, that’s just a fact of life. Unless it’s a lovingly-restored ‘classic’ car that sparkles and shines like brand new, you’re just going to have to face the fact that your decade-old car isn’t very good looking. Forget turning the girls’ heads when you drive up in a beater.

But one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make your old warhorse look better (or at least look less ugly) is to wash it, then wax it very well.

A fresh coat of wax over the paintwork takes years off your car’s appearance. And best of all, it is very inexpensive. Basically, you just need to invest a few dollars and a bit of your time (and some elbow grease).

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