The Ideal Relic Of The Several Generations Of The Tuning Community.

Along with the architectural masterpieces, revered by many generations, such as the Statue of Liberty, a spectacular Egyptian pyramid inscription and glamorous Hollywood, Toyota Corolla AE86 is an icon for generations of tuners, without the chance of passing the position as one of the most respected car tuning community. It was recognized in the mid 80-ies, when the style and dynamics in the design of new models has been given little attention. AE86 is the latest generation of the model number of Corolla, that has any value for the adherents of tuning.

Shortly after AE86 saw the light of a new version of Corolla, representing a pitiful appearance of this legendary car. The main focus in creating the next generation was given a roomy lounge, safety, attractiveness and cost at resale.

But despite this, we are pleased that the tuning of the legendary AE86 is still prosperous in different parts of our country in various forms: there is a show car, there are aftermarket parts, honed under the drift, a time-attack, street, and even drag. Seeing all of this, we prefer the wildest form, characterized by a rusty body of AE86, different discs, the panel pulled down and surprisingly joyful face of the owner in the middle of this ‘destruction site‘. Joyful, despite the fact that they can think of the passers-by, and despite the whisper in-between the friends, because we now have Toyota Corolla AE86, and the only thing we really love.

The owner of the auto I am now looking at is Munky Wurks who is familiar with tuning for about 10 years. He became acquainted shortly after the acquisition of turbo Toyota 4Runner 1986 release. One of his friends, one of those good tuning community bodies, which is well versed in computers, found that he stands to lose pretty much by not using the potential of their car. He recommended that I read up and change the engine of his SUV. And I have automatically got into a mad and endless whirl. Later, in 2009, accumulating a wealth of information on vehicle tuning, mainly concerned with Toyota models, I decided to buy a model of Corolla. I have became a frequent attendee to the internet resources and made a detailed plan about this automobile and also asked for help from my friends. What was planned as an alternative project then turned into an all-consuming world of AE86.

This Corolla was first brought in previous to the moment I battered bundling the SR5 with an automatic transmission. Talking the language of AE86, this means it looked like a pile of bolts, like a normal car, but that is not enough to compete with the relics yet actually appeared just a normal car. As well this version is known as a car for retirees. One of my friends has presented me with the same model, yet its complete GT-S version, the preceding at that time, which was virtually at its deathbed. It was dismantled in parts and implanted in the most appropriate SR5 version. Then came the time for the complete alteration of the body….

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