Some Techniques To Personalize Your Car By Means Of Car Tuning.

For the majority of drivers, customized car is one that has been maintained in accordance with manufacturer specifications and works reasonably well. But many motorists want something more than a typically tuned car. For them, tuning refers to changes that improve presentation and drivability. There are several ways to improve the performance of your car, but in most cases you should start with setting up the engine so that it provides more power.

Optimizing the combustion process, the key to getting more horsepower and torque from the engine. Back when cars were built with gasoline engines, engine tuning was a mechanical procedure. You had to adjust the ignition on the mechanical advance, until you found the fuel-air mixture, which led to the most complete burning cycle and as a result of the most efficient combustion.

But most recently, virtually all new cars have fuel injection engines, which are electronically maintained by ECU (engine control unit). This little computer has a central place in the combustion process. Software ECU manages all aspects of the supply of fuel and time supply, so changes should be done here as this be the rational place to start if you’re trying to improve engine performance. When you configure a motor vehicle, the pre-2000 model, the only way to change the ECU software is to replace the EPROM chip in the ECU. However, newer vehicles ECU go with the built-in program and not a removable chip. For these vehicles, the reprogramming of the ECU should be done or otherwise the reassignment thereof, as it is more often called, which may be made via on-board diagnostic port with no need to reprocess the delicate parts of the engine.

Vehicle manufacturers tend to be conservative in the way they customize their cars. They program the ECU to limit the engine to anything that is much lower than that car is built to handle. This implies that modern engines spend an amazing amount of untapped potential just waiting to be released. Conversion ECU is effective and safe method of tuning, when done properly trained professional and the words “qualified professional” should not be ridiculed upon!

Turbo Diesel engines are the best candidates for remapping the ECU. Benefits can be imposing : output gains of up to thirty five percent fuel savings of up to 20 %. In driving terms, this means faster acceleration, better acceleration, less shifting, smoother driving, and the extra money in your pocket. The ECU also could be useful in ordinarily combusted and gasoline cars, however the benefits vary and better weigh the benefits on an individual basis. Whenever you make presentation improvements to your car, you should inform your insurer of the change. If you are unable to do this, and you get in an accident, your insurance may be invalid: and that’s the risk you do not have to take. You have to pay more to insure your car after the modification? But this is not quite necessarily.

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