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ABS Wheel Speed Sensors – What They Do and How They are Replaced

Do you ever wonder how your antilock braking system functions during panic stops and low traction conditions? The ABS wheel speed sensor plays a major role, not only in how the ABS works, but also how the traction control and stability control systems behave. Needless to say, the ABS wheel speed sensor is an integral part of the safety systems created to help you maintain control of your vehicle at all times. How the ABS System Works Prior to the … Continue reading

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Some Facts About Chrome Wheels And Rims

A great way when a person may make their vehicle jump out contrary to the other motor vehicles that are out there would be to have wheels and tires which might be different from what originally came about the vehicle, or as what many people refer to as factory standards. These after factory parts are really simple to find since there has become a require wheels and tires that will increase the risk for vehicle stand out in a very … Continue reading

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BMW ABS wheel speed sensors

One of the most common omissions in maintaining a modern Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) is checking out the speed sensors. These sensors are often located at each wheel hub/rotor on four-wheel disc systems. Alternatively, on rear-drum applications, you’ll usually find them mounted on the differential housing. Whatever their location, they supply information regarding wheel speed to the ABS computer. Under breaking, if wheel speeds are not equal, indicating wheel lockup, the computer modulates the anti-lock feature until the speeds are … Continue reading

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