Knock Detonation Sensor 96-04 Honda Civic Acura 30530P2MA01 KS65

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* NOTE: In order to avoid return hassle and save yours and our time, you must cross-check provided OE reference part numbers against those found on your current unit. Do not rely on the compatibility charts, these are presented for the reference purpose only and should not be your guide to determine compatibility. If you are unsure, you may call local dealership (auto parts dept.) to obtain correct part numbers or ask your mechanic. If you would like us to help you, please use our Contact Us form and provide your vehicle's detailed info such as: Make/Model/Year/Engine/Full VIN# and we will do our best to find compatibility.

  • Model: 4008
  • UPC: 30530P2MA01
  • Shipping Weight: 0.7lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aftermarket

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OE Reference Codes:
KS65 5S2140

*It is solely buyer's responsibility to check compatibility prior to ordering! Please cross-check indicated OEM reference codes against those found on your current unit. You may call local dealership (auto parts dept.) to obtain correct part numbers or ask your mechanic.

List of compatible vehicles:

*Direct replacement for the following OE part numbers: 30530P2MA01, 30530-P2M-A01, 30530PV1A01, 30530-PV1-A01, 5S2140, SU4778, KS65. Models presented for the reference purpose only!

Year: Make: Model:
1996-2000 HONDA CIVIC HX
1996-2000 HONDA CIVIC EX
1997-2000 ACURA EL
1996-2004 ACURA RL

*May fit other makes-models not listed.

Note: The knock sensor responds to spark knock caused by Pre-detonation of the Air&Fuel mixture. As the flame front moves out from the spark plug ignition point, pressure waves in the chamber crash into the piston or cylinder walls resulting in a sound known as a knock or ping. This is caused by using a fuel with a low octane rating, overheating, or over advanced timing. Sometimes it can be caused by hot carbon deposits on the piston or cylinder head that raise compression. A knock sensor, which serves to warn of engine knock or pinging due to a bad air/fuel mixture, can go bad. Signs that the knock sensor is bad are a sluggish engine, poor fuel economy and slow acceleration. Most of the time, the knock sensors don't fail entirely but go "soft" and create false signals. You can check the knock sensor through an electrical harness.

Important: Please check compatibility prior to purchasing. Cross-check OE reference numbers presented in this description against those found on your current unit. If you are not able to locate part numbers, please call local dealership (auto parts department), provide your vehicle information and obtain correct part number(s). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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