2108206210 Blower Motor Regulator Mercedes W202 W208 2028207310

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* NOTE: In order to avoid return hassle and save yours and our time, you must cross-check provided OE reference part numbers against those found on your current unit. Do not rely on the compatibility charts, these are presented for the reference purpose only and should not be your guide to determine compatibility. If you are unsure, you may call local dealership (auto parts dept.) to obtain correct part numbers or ask your mechanic. If you would like us to help you, please use our Contact Us form and provide your vehicle's detailed info such as: Make/Model/Year/Engine/Full VIN# and we will do our best to find compatibility.

  • Model: 6004
  • UPC: 2108206210
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Aftermarket

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OE Reference Codes:

List of compatible vehicles:

* Replacement for the following OE/Alternate part numbers: 2028207310, 2108206210, 210870021039, 210870021028, RU567, 5HL351321011, 30-79-0002, BGT00005. The list of Makes-Models presented for reference purpose only! Please cross-check indicated OE reference part numbers against those found on your current unit. You may call local dealership (auto parts dept.) to obtain correct part numbers or ask your mechanic.

Model: Year:
C280 1996-2000
C43 AMG 1998-2000
C36 AMG 1996-1997
C220 1996
C230 1997-2000
SLK32 AMG 2002-2004
CLK430 1999-2003
SLK230 1998-2004
CLK320 1998-2003
SLK320 2001-2004
CLK55 AMG 2001-2004
European Models:
C180 1993-2000
C200 1994-2000
C200 CDI 1998-2000
C200 D 1993-2000
C220 1993-2000
C220 CDI 1997-2000
C220 D 1993-2000
C230 1995-2000
C240 1997-2000
C250 D 1993-2000
C250 Turbo-D 1995-2000
C280 1993-2000
C36 AMG 1994-2000
C43 AMG 1994-2000
C180 T 1996-2001
C200 T 1996-2001
C200 T CDI 1998-2001
C200 T D 1996-2001
C220 T CDI 1997-2001
C220 T D 1996-2001
C230 T 1996-2000
C240T 1997-2001
C250 T 1996-2001
C280 T 1997-2001
CLK200 1997-2002
CLK230 1997-2002
CLK320 1997-2002
CLK430 1998-2002
CLK55 AMG 1999-2002
E200 1995-2000
E200 CDI 1999-2002
E200 CDI 1998-2002
E200D 1996-2002
E200 1997-2002
E200 2000-2002
E220 CDI 1998-2002
E220 D 1995-2002
E230 1995-1997
E240 1997-2002
E250 D 1995-1999
E250 Turbo D 1997-1999
E270 CDI 1999-2002
E280 1996-2002
E280 4 Matic 1996-2002
E290 Turbo D 1996-1999
E300D 1995-1997
E300 Turbo D 1996-1999
E320 1995-2002
E320 4 Matic 1997-2002
E320 CDI 1999-2002
E420 1996-1997
E430 1997-2002
E430 4-Matic 1999-2002
E50 AMG 1996-1997
E55 AMG 1997-2002
SLK200 1996-2004
SLK230 1996-2004
SLK32 AMG 2001-2004
SLK320 2000-2004

*May fit some other makes-models not listed.

Note: If Blower Motor Regulator fails, the climate control fan will not operate faster than approximately 50% power. The replacement of Blower Motor Regulator is easy do-it-yourself installation task which may save you a lot of money. We do not provide with Installation instructions which are vehicle specific. Please refer to your car Owner's Manual.

Important: Please check compatibility prior to purchasing. Cross-check OE reference numbers presented in this description against those found on your current unit. If you are not able to locate part numbers, please call local dealership (auto parts department), provide your vehicle information and obtain correct part number(s). Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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